Solutions for a connected world
Solutions for a connected world
We design digital experiences for real-life situations, so that your customers can get the best of both worlds
We design digital experiences for real-life situations, so that your customers can get the best of both worlds
Who we are
We are a multidisciplinary team with the combined skills to take your idea from business need to reality.



Solution design



We’d like to help redefine digital sustainability

What does that mean?

Solutions that free up headspace and generate positivity; policies that use data responsibly; teams that combine the energy of youth with the experience of maturity to mentor the next generation of game changers. Yama exists to put the trust (and the smile) back into the relationship between humans and technology.
IoT platform
Thanks to deep experience acquired in the IoT field we built Yama Iot Software as a Service platform in order to guarantee top level security, integration an usability.
On the platform we implemented solutions capable to fits different domains
Indoor real-time tracking
Indoor real-time tracking
Industrial IoT & analytics
Industrial IoT & analytics
Our story
Yama was born out of a desire to create digital experiences that put a smile on your face and keep it there.

At Yama we know the value of experience, but we also know when to let our younger colleagues take the initiative.
We know that technology doesn’t automatically make your life better.
We know that sometimes less is more, and other times more can be surprisingly good.

And yes, we know all about the tech too; we have a team of enthusiastic builders that work everyday to handle cloud computing platforms, big data, machine learning, IoT and more, but you probably knew that already, didn’t you?

Goodbye to long registration pages. Data sync. Connection errors. Spinning wheels. Cables. Wires. Plugs that don’t fit in the socket.
Hello solutions that just work, so that you -and your customers- can get on with whatever it was you were doing. And maybe have a little fun at the same time. Why not?
Work with us

Yama is growing.

We’re looking for energetic, curious individuals who take pride in producing high quality, excellent work. Sound like you?
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